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studio Mieke Meijer

Studio Mieke Meijer is a Dutch design studio run by Mieke Meijer and Roy Letterlé.

A constructive form language, clean lines and industrial details contribute to a strong, recognizable signature. The designs of Studio Mieke Meijer are never purely functional but offer the user freedom to use them his own way. This helps them retain their autonomy.The designs they are mostly hand made in their Eindhoven based workshop. Craftmanship and highly demanding finish are of fundamental importance.

Mieke (Wezep, 1982) graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. Roy (Kerkrade, 1978) studied structural engineering at PTH Eindhoven. Together they work on self initiated and commissioned projects. They teach at Design Academy Eindhoven and HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

Mieke and Vij5 first met in 2007. By discovering the NewspaperWood in Mieke’s portfolio, a collaboration between them originated quickly!


You can read an interview with Mieke Meijer about NewspaperWood here.

In the Vij5 collection

NewspaperWood is the result of a 2003 project of Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Mieke Meijer. After partnering with Vij5 in 2007 and the presentation of the material at its infancy in 2011, they recently decided to join forces in a new company to take the material to the next level. NewspaperWood BV is dedicated to the production and development of the NewspaperWood material in order to find new intermediate products and innovative applications.

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