Set of 3 rapeseed wax candles


These candles are made from pure rapeseed wax and have therefore naturally a beautiful soft white-porcelain colour and are the perfect gift-combination with the Fixum candleholders!

About the candles:

Rapeseed wax is hardened vegetable oil and is produced in Europe and even rebuilt in the Netherlands. A local product and a sustainable alternative to paraffin candles!

Rapeseed is often grown on wasteland, without pesticides. Especially as a soil improver rapeseed crops enriched the soil structure in alternating crops humus formation, after which next harvests a better one have a profit. In addition, rapeseed is beneficial for biodiversity because this rich flowering plant also serves as food for bees and other insects. For the renovation of the rapeseed plants do not have to give way to people and animals, no jungles are burned for it and none are burned fossil raw materials used.

These rapeseed wax candles:
– Are handmade in the Netherlands
– Are fully biodegradable
– Have a small ecological footprint
– Are 100% vegetable
– Burn longer than regular candles
– Contains no genetically modified or toxic substances.

Set of 3

Material: Rapeseed Wax
Diameter: 2cm
Length: 30cm