Floris Hovers together with Vij5

“We met Floris during one of our first exhibitions at the Dutch Design Week where we were both exhibiting as ‘neighbours’ in the Klokgebouw building. We fell in love with his work and he became one of the first designers we added to our label.

The Wrapped stool really symbolizes the beauty of simplicity and a different approach to a standard object. The stool / side-table is difficult to produce with machines alone and literally needs Floris’ hands for assembly. It breathes the designer’s love for interaction between man and machine.”

- Arjan & Anieke

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Separate wooden parts and approximately 110 meters of rope result in the design of the stool/side-table ‘Wrapped’. By simply wrapping the rope around, the construction is fixed without using glue or screws.

Every product will be assembled by the designer himself in his workshop in the Netherlands. The industrial handwork of Floris Hovers is being characterised by simple and clear industrial shapes and constructions.

‘Wrapped’ is a translation of the word ‘Ingewikkeld’ in Dutch where it means both ‘wrapped’ and ‘complicated’ in one single word.


design by Floris Hovers

in collection since 2009

dimensions 33 x 33 cm, seating height 47 cm

material beech multiplex 12-18mm and 110 meters of hemp/flax rope

colours 7 standard colours (Custom colours possible on request)
RAL 1020 green-yellow
RAL 3007 black-red
RAL 9010 off-white
RAL 2002 peach-orange
RAL 7030 stone-grey
RAL 3015 pink
neutral wood (transparent lacquer)
RAL6004 green-blue NEW!

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Wrapped inspiration yarns 555x370
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