Trestle Table

David Derksen together with Vij5

"As a graduation project, David Derksen worked on designing and developing a lightweight composite tabletop. To support this tabletop he also designed lightweight, stackable trestles. The idea was to make office furniture more suitable for the increasing flexibility of office environments. After his graduation and several attempts to find the right producer for the tabletop, he decided to show the design again at the Salone Satellite 2016 in Milan with a different tabletop (plywood with a Forbo linoleum top layer). Although we already were familiar with the design for several years, this was the moment the Trestle Table really caught our attention.

In the meantime we were busy working with David on the Copper and Brass Lights. But after a few years, the Trestle Table finally also became part of the Vij5 collection!"

- Arjan & Anieke


The Trestle Table is an elegant, flexible table where the table top and the frame are disconnected from each other. The base of the table consists of lightweight aluminium trestles which are stackable and very stable due to careful design. The trestles carry the table top with a layer of cork in between providing sufficient grip.

The table top has been finished with a Forbo Desktop layer; a natural surfacing material made from sustainable raw materials, renowned for its elegance and durability. Forbo Desktop delivers a combination of a satin matt surface with a warm, fine texture creating a truly distinctive, genuinely individual look and feel. Over time, the material gets a beautiful patina.

The Trestle Table is particularly suitable for spaces where flexibility is important, such as work environments, but because of its elegance also fits a home setting. Unlike many other tables with trestles, you can use a chair on the head end of the table making it suitable as a dining table. The size of the table top can be fully adapted to the interior.


design by David Derksen

in collection since 2018

material powdercoated aluminum frames, plywood panel with Forbo Desktop top layer

dimensions possible on request, tabletops are custom made

  • Table-top:
    • length: 140cm and up in steps of 10cm. (from length 250+ cm, 3 frames are recommended).
    • width: possible from 60cm up to 90cm (90+ cm on request).
    • thickness: appr 2,8 cm
  • Trestles:
    • footprint 30,5 x 82 cm
    • height appr. 71,5 cm (height including table-top appr. 74,3 cm)

recommended colour combinations

      • Trestles in RAL9002 greywhite & Forbo Desktop in light colours like Vapour, Powder, Mushroom, etc.
      • Trestles in RAL5008 greyblue & Forbo Desktop Smokey-Blue
      • Trestles in RAL9004 signalblack & Forbo Desktop in Charcoal


Furniture Linoleum Desktop is produced from a very finely ground linoleum granulate created from pure oxidised vegetable linseed oil and natural pine rosin, to which wood flour and colour pigments have been added. The Furniture Linoleum is created by a calendar process which rolls the material on to an impregnated paper backing. It is finished with a water-based, cross-linked acrylic finish that protects the surface while maintaining the flexibility and special touch of linoleum.

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Regular cleaning: Clean with a damp cloth and a neutral cleaner.
  • Immediately remove spilled liquid (including ink, coffee, tea, red wine).
  • Avoid stubborn stains through circles; use coasters for flower pots, vases, cups, and so on.
  • Use a clean cloth and a pH-neutral detergent (such as Forbo Cleaner) to remove stubborn stains, such as ink and markers.
  • Sharp products can cause scratches. In case of doubt, use a soft protection around the product.
  • For long term maintenance of the material we advise you to follow the prescriptions by Forbo (For more information see www.Forbo.com)


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Trestle Table
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