Tilt Bar Stool

Floris Hovers together with Vij5

“Originally designed for the official Dutch Design Week Business lounge in 2018, this bar stool is a joint effort of designer Floris Hovers, Vij5 and our local wood producer. Both surfaces of the seating and the legs are tilted in a 3-degree angle to create a comfortable seat and stability. This not only gives the stool its name but also a unique look & feel. In consultation with Floris we gave the stool a refreshing new colour selection and added it to the Vij5 collection.”

- Arjan & Anieke


Commissioned by Vij5, Floris Hovers designed this bar stool for the official Dutch Design Week Business Lounge in 2018. Now, the stool is introduced in the Vij5 collection in a brand new colour selection.

The Tilt bar stool shows how a simple intervention can create comfort and stability. Within the basic components from which a wooden bar stool is usually constructed, Floris looked for an easy way to make a flat, hard surface more pleasant to sit on. By tilting the wood of the seating and the legs in a 3-degree angle he created both a surprisingly comfortable seat as solid stability in the construction of the legs. The positioning of the footrest makes sure any user intuitively knows how to take place on this bar stool to experience its unexpected comfort.

The bar stool is made of solid PEFC certified Oakwood and produced in the region of our studio in Eindhoven. For protection and durability, the seating surface and footrests are treated with Osmo hard-wax oil. The frame of the stool is standard available in untreated Oakwood for a natural look. Optional it can also be treated with lacquer in four standard colours, a custom colour on request or with Osmo hard-wax oil to have all surfaces in the same finish.


design by Floris Hovers

in collection since 2019

dimensions  34 x 34,5 cm, seating height 80 cm

material solid PEFC Oakwood
locally produced in the Netherlands.

frame colour options seating-surfaces & foot-rest always in Osmo hard-wax oil

  • untreated Oakwood frame
  • complete stool in Osmo hardwax-oil
  • frame in colour in RAL9002 grey-white
  • frame colour in RAL1000 green-beige
  • frame colour in RAL5011 steel-blue
  • frame colour in RAL3012 beige-red
  • other colours on request

note backrest in development (optionally assembled) possible on request!


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Tilt Bar Stool
 325,00 385,00 See options
Tilt Bar Stool
 325,00 385,00 See options