Tempered Steel Panels

Max Lipsey together with Vij5


The Tempered Steel Panels are a continuation of Max Lipsey’s fascination for the colourful qualities of tempered steel. Where this technique is normally used to increase the elasticity and plasticity of the material, these panels have been very ‘unscientifically’ tempered to make pretty colours!

Folded steel sheets form an uninterrupted expanse that really displays the beauty of this material. The colour palette varies per piece and comes from the steel itself. On their own, the boards are attractive as decorative panels or wall cladding. By including a set of magnets they also become handy, magnetic memo boards for displaying pictures, notes, and to do lists. The boards are finished with a smooth satin finish lacquer that can be written on with a chalk marker. Optional, a matching magnetic stick-on tray can be added for markers, notes and personal doo-dahs.

p.s. also see the Solid Hooks in Tempered Steel  by Max Lipsey.


Design by Max Lipsey

In collection since 2019

Material steel sheet 3mm

Production Made in the Netherlands
Tempered in the designers' workshop in Eindhoven


A1 size (appr. 59 x 84 cm)
Possible to hang as 'landscape' or as 'portrait' using an included mounting plate.

Other sizes possible on request!

Tempering is done by heating steel to a certain temperature, then allowing it to cool in still air. The exact temperature and the specific composition of the alloy determines the colour of the finished product. As steel is heated past 200 °C, it goes through a wild transformation of colours, becoming a rather precise thermometer, the colour representing the high temperature mark.


Vij5 designer MaxLipsey


Tempered Steel Panels
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