Tabloid Tables

Floris Hovers together with Vij5

“As one of the first designers for the NewspaperWood prototype collection Floris designed a storage unit called Press to Open using NewspaperWood as a veneer. The cabinet remained a unique prototype, however, the veneer application he used caught our attention! We immediately thought of using it for table-tops and started discussing a stable construction with nice detail that complements the

Luckily, Floris already had an interesting steel construction in his portfolio which turned out to be the perfect match! That’s how the Tabloid Tables were born. The Tabloid Desk has been the latest addition to the series.”

- Arjan & Anieke


As a carrier for the NewspaperWood veneer panels, Vij5 was searching for a stable construction with a nice detailing to complement the material rather than to predominate it. The solution was found in a remarkable steel construction designed by Floris Hovers. By cutting away material in the corners of the steel profiles, it is possible to bend the legs into shape.

The sizes of the panels are inspired by the sizes of tabloid newspapers. The table tops are created using grey board ‘multiplex’ as carrier, covered with a layer of NewspaperWood ‘veneer’. With this, the material remains recyclable. As a finishing, the panels are coated with a water-based lacquer.

NewspaperWood is a new material invented by Mieke Meijer, developed together with the Dutch design label Vij5 and now produced and distributed by a new NewspaperWood company. It returns newspapers, which are made from wood, into wood again. When a NewspaperWood log is cut, the layers of paper appear like lines of a wood grain or the rings of a tree and therefore resemble the aesthetic of real wood.

This product is made with the original NewspaperWood material. More information on this material can be found here: www.NewspaperWood.com

It is also possible to order the complete series of Tabloid Tables with of Oakwood panels, solid or coloured in light grey. If a table consists out of multiple panels, it is possible to combine NewspaperWood and Oakwood in one table.


design by Floris Hovers

in collection since 2012

material NewspaperWood panels (veneered NewspaperWood on a carrier of grey board, 100% recycled paper), coated steel frame

dimensions based on tabloid sizes

  • flower table: 1 panel of 289x289mm, 1150mm high
  • side table: 2 panels of 289x414mm, 520mm high
  • coffee table: 3 panels of 289x578mm, 380mm high

colour RAL 9002 (standard colour)
other colours on request



NewspaperWood is the result of a study project of Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Mieke Meijer. After partnering with Vij5 and the presentation of the material at its infancy in 2011, the material underwent a long development... Read More

Dutch Design Week 2017

From the end of August 2017, the Dutch design label Vij5 launched 10 new products in 10 weeks with the Dutch Design Week 2017 as highlight! Read More



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