Soapstone Geometry

Studio Appétit together with Vij5


Soapstone Geometry is a series of objects designed by Studio Appétit, inspired both visually and philosophically by the Bauhaus movement. Each object in the series is based on two simple geometric forms. However, their unique choice of material and volumes create a minimal yet intricate composition that is only complete when the product is in use and the food element it is made for is added. With this Studio Appétit desires to elevate materiality and pure shapes while pushing conventional boundaries of tableware aesthetics and the role of the food placed on them within the final composition.

Along with Brass, Copper and Oak, the main material used in all the elements is an exquisite Soapstone, 2.8 billion years old, sourced from the raw nature of Eastern Finland. This stone, naturally strong and non-porous, is also an excellent thermal observant. It has both heat and cold retaining qualities that allow the products to be placed in the fridge or freezer and keep drinks or food cool or alternatively in the oven to keep things warm.


design by Studio Appétit

in collection since 2017

material soapstone from Finland

maintenance the stone is dishwasher safe

variations currently available as cheese platter & cocktail cup

cheese platter diameter 20cm, thickness 7mm
cocktail cup diameter 7cm, height 10cm



The stone is dishwasher safe.

For the cheese platter: the knife should be lightly rinsed in warm water and dried right away. The stone is oiled with Hazelnut oil to complement its culinary function. After multiple uses and rinsing of the platter it can be oiled again in any desired oil.

For the cocktail cup: The skewer should be lightly rinsed in warm water and dried right away. If desired, especially if used often with oily ingredients, the stone can be oiled and rinsed in water. This will protect it from oil stains and is purely an aesthetic measure.

Cocktail cup

A straight cylinder carved soapstone cup, made from a solid piece of material that is turned into a delicate minimalistic functional form. The strong and powerful cup, mainly intended for cocktails and elaborate drinks, is complemented by an elegant and noble brass skewer that seems to float in its centre. The skewer is a decorative yet functional element that serves as a platform for the edible embellishment recommended to be served with this cup. Any edible ornament, even a simple berry, will be elevated into an exquisite garnish on the beautiful brass arch rising above the stone edge. 

The stone can be stored in the freezer and later used for ice-less drinks as it will keep the liquids cool for consumption in room temperature. 

Cheese platter

A cheese platter made of a perfect slice of round carved soapstone with a two-dimensional triangle copper cheese knife. When the knife is inserted in a piece of cheese as part of the serving ritual, a new and exciting composition is created with the food becoming part of the overall shape. 

The stone can be stored with the cheese in the fridge and will maintain a low temperature after service, extending the cheese's endurance in room temperature.




Soapstone Geometry is op dit moment nog in de laatste fase van de ontwikkeling, maar al wel als pre-order te reserveren, neem even contact met ons op en we reserveren met plezier een exemplaar uit de eerste serie!