Bas van Raay together with Vij5

"The carafe ‘Schenk’ (Dutch for ‘pour’) creates a totally different ritual to serving and pouring water.

Bas explained the concept of the Schenk carafe to us over a BBQ in our garden. A few days later he showed us a rough model made from a raw oxygen cylinder with two sticks glued to the sides. We could clearly see the potential of this Avantgarde design and a few weeks later the first prototype was presented at an exhibition.”

- Arjan & Anieke


The carafe ‘Schenk’ (Dutch for ‘pour’) creates a totally different ritual to serving and pouring water. Inspired by the way the string is wound back on a kite, the bottle has specially placed handles. They look strange at first but once they are used, the act becomes instinctive: the position of the handles makes it possible to pour water out of the carafe very controlled and dosed by a simple tilt movement.

The carafe can be used by both left- and right-handed people due to the sprouts on both sides of the top.


design by Bas van Raay

in collection since 2011

volume ca. 1,8 liter

Carafe: height 33 cm, diameter 9 cm
Low glasses: height 4 cm, diameter 8 cm
High glasses: height 6 cm, diameter 8 cm

material borosilicate glass (laboratory glass)



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Vij5 designer BasVanRaay