Sandpaper Tray

Baas & Kleinbloesem together with Vij5

"The Sandpaper Tray is a chic basic suitable for any interior style. Subtly decorative due to its production technique and functional due to the light weight. We love the fact that the tray looks different from every angle, where the light reflects differently in the grains of the sanded surfaces.”

- Arjan & Anieke

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For the ‘Sandpaper Tray’ Thomas and Anne (Baas & Kleinbloesem) wanted to create a useful object able to show a honest and pure technique Thomas used earlier for his graduation project. The tray is produced by a combination of dedicated handwork and an industrial finishing process. The aluminium is sanded by hand in different directions to create a balanced graphical pattern. On some parts the directions of the ‘fields’ intersect. After sanding, the tray is given its shape and is being anodised to give it a strong top layer. The tray looks different from every angle, where the light reflects differently in the grains of the sanded surfaces.



design by Baas & Kleinbloesem

in collection since 2016

material anodised aluminium, in 'champagne' or 'black' colour

dimensions diameter 45cm, height 2,5cm


Dutch Design Week 2017

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