Jeroen Wand together with Vij5

“Because Jeroen has his workshop close to ours, we regularly get a sneak peek of his new projects in an early stage. When we got a first glimpse of this chair, it caught our attention. We simply fell in love with the characteristic form, the coloured surfaces and the unique combination of solid oak wood and plywood.”

– Arjan & Anieke


This stackable chair is originally designed for the educational room of the Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The chair is sturdy and robust and has a very distinct design through which an open and honest usage is brought forward.

The combination of oak with plywood elements gives this chair an uncomplicated though rich appearance.


The S-Chair has been certified with NEN-EN 16139 level 2, making it suitable for both project use and residential applications.

NEN-EN 1619 level 2: “Areas in which seating is occasionally or repeatedly subject to extremely high loads due to their specific types of use or due to improper use. Examples of end-use: night-clubs, police stations, transport terminals, sport changing rooms, prisons, barracks (non-controlled areas).”


design by Jeroen Wand

in collection since 2014

certification NEN-EN 16139 level 2

dimensions 42 x 54 x 79 cm, seating height 46 cm

material multiplex, oak, hpl

options armrests and/or cushioning



Vij5 designer JeroenWand


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