Moonrise Mirror

Michael Funch together with Vij5

“We met Michael during his study when he worked as an intern for Vij5. We rarely meet people who have a personal design philosophy that is so close to ours, but Michael is one of them! The project Moonrise Mirror originated during his internship and was further developed after his graduation at the Design Academy Eindhoven, to be introduced to the Vij5 collection in 2015. Simply beautiful!”

- Arjan & Anieke


As the moon rotates around the earth it shows itself to us in different shades, marking the different seasons. The balance between dark and light in terms of the moons cycle, defines a time of growth and a fresh start under the first quarter moon: Spring. The Last quarter moon represents the beginning of the end of the cycle, tearing down old structures and preparing the way for new ones: Fall.

This half circle phenomenon and the graphical system symbolising the Luna phases, was key inspiration behind the design of the Moonrise mirror.

The Moonrise Mirror is a circle mirror split in two ‘hemispheres’, one coloured and one clear. The backside of the mirror is handmade of Oak wood and offers a simple construction to hang the mirror  to the wall. The clever design makes it possible to rotate the mirror and change its appearance in the interior, fitting the mood and needs of the user.


design by Michael Funch

in collection since 2015

material solid Oakwood backing, clear & coloured mirror glass

dimensions Ø 50cm, total thickness 27mm (including 6mm mirror)

weight 4,5kg

colour variations:
- Spring, with clear & green coloured mirror glass
- Fall, with clear & pink coloured mirror glass
- Winter, with grey & pink coloured mirror glass


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Vij5 designer MichaelFunch