Caroline Olsson and Ida Noemi together with Vij5

"Caroline Olsson & Ida Noemi both are from Norway and have their individual design studios in Oslo. We stumbled upon these beautiful picture frames for the first time at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in Sweden, where Ida & Caroline introduced them to the public. We immediately fell in love with the design, what about you?"

- Arjan & Anieke


Epaulette is a frame system with a focus on the corners. The oak wood sides of the frame are held together by L-shaped corner profiles in copper or brass, liberating the frame from any screws. The profiles are slid on to the corners as épaulettes and enhance the expression of the frame in a subtle, but characteristic way. The corners of a frame is what defines its silhouette and could be looked upon as the shoulders of a picture.

The frame can be hung both horizontally and vertically on a screw or nail in the wall.

‘Epaulette’ is the French word for a ‘shoulder piece’, which can be used as decoration or to show the rank of a uniform.


design by Caroline Olsson and Ida Noemi

in collection since 2016

material solid PEFC certified Oakwood, also possible with coloured linseed oil
copper/brass corner pieces
plexi-glass or mirror-glass

production by our local woodworker in the Netherlands
Finished, checked & packed in the Vij5 workshop in Eindhoven

dimensions available in size A5, A4, A3 and 50x70 cm

note: all frames can hang both horizontal as vertical due to the cutouts in the back plate!


How to open and close the frame: Before you start, make sure the frame lays on a flat, clean surface. Carefully lift the corner pieces and detach them from the wooden parts. Add your favourite artwork and gently push the corner pieces back in the wooden parts with your fingers.

How to hang the frame: The frame can be attached to the wall in two directions using the cut-outs in the wood on the back of the frame. The head of a screw should fit in easily and you will be able to hang the frame straight.

Maintenance of the brass/copper: The corner pieces of the Epaulette frames are made of pure copper or brass. By nature, these materials oxidise easily. Therefore the material will get darker over time and fingerprints can result in oxidation stains. The stains can easily be removed with HG copper shine polish (www.HG.eu). Please remove the corner pieces from the wooden parts before cleaning.

Epaulette animation
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