Coatrack by the Meter

Maarten Baptist together with Vij5

“We’ve known Maarten for some time for he’s a great designer. But we truly got to know him while travelling together to Moscow for an exhibition. For Vij5 a collaboration often starts with a friendship and an idea or wish to work together. We asked Maarten whether he had a product in his portfolio that could fit within the Vij5 collection. Maarten suggested his Coatrack by the Meter and we immediately embraced the idea.

We introduced new colours and developed the product into a series where we added corner pieces and a small oak wood shelf that fits the coatracks perfectly.”

- Arjan & Anieke


With a nod to the shakers' wall stretching coatracks, the base of the coatracks is a square metal bar which is laser cut in a six-meter stretch. After this the hooks (which are 10 cm apart) are pulled out by hand. The hole the hook creates, allows you to screw the rack onto the wall.

As an insider's joke Maarten hides his date of birth in every product. The standard 2-hook coatrack therefore is 19.76 centimetres!


Design by Maarten Baptist

In collection since 2014


Available in three sizes:

  • 1 meter, 10 hooks
  • 0,5 meter, 5 hooks
  • 19,76 cm, 2 hooks

Set items:

  • corner pieces 10 x 10 cm
  • connection pieces 20 cm & 50 cm without hooks
  • solid Oakwood shelf


Standard colours (custom colours possible on request):

  • RAL 6019 white-green
  • RAL 9002 grey-white
  • RAL 9017 black



Vij5 designer MaartenBaptist


Coatrack by the Meter
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Coatrack by the Meter (sets)
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