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Vij5 collection – Spring/Summer 2017

Vij5-collection-Spring 017-images-by-Vij5 1b
Vij5-collection-Spring 017-images-by-Vij5 2

Vij5 celebrates spring!

A photo series where a selection of the collection is highlighted in a graphical way.

The pictures are made in our own studio in Eindhoven. Because the images are photographed from above on different sheets of coloured paper, the graphical lines in the products are emphasised. Sometimes a funny and alienating perspective is created in the compositions. Also, the pictures give more insight into the features of the products and/or the story behind them. The photo series can be seen as an invitation to view an existing product from a different perspective!

Vij5-collection-Spring 017-images-by-Vij5-03
Vij5-collection-Spring 017-images-by-Vij5-04
Vij5-collection-Spring 017-images-by-Vij5-07
Vij5-collection-Spring 017-images-by-Vij5-06
Vij5-collection-Spring 017-images-by-Vij5-05
Vij5-collection-Spring 017-images-by-Vij5 0
Vij5-collection-Spring 017-images-by-Vij5-01
Vij5-collection-Spring 017-images-by-Vij5-08
Vij5-collection-Spring 017-images-by-Vij5-09
Vij5-collection-Spring 017-images-by-Vij5-02