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Michael Funch

Michael Funch (1990) graduated the Design Academy Eindhoven in December 2014 at the department Man and Activity. We met Michael during his study, as he worked as an intern for Vij5. His designs are simple and honest, inspired by raw materials and the process of making. His concepts vary from new and interesting ways to connect materials to inspiring people by connecting products to their lifestyles. He doesn’t see design as the new saviour of our planet, but more as a celebration of what we can do with what we have!

Immediately after graduating, his graduation projects were both nominated for an award: The International glass price 2015-Lommel BE and the Bolia Design Awards 2015- DK.

The project Moonrise Mirror originated during his internship at Vij5 and was further developed after his graduation to be introduced to the collection in 2015.