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Arjan van Raadshooven & Anieke Branderhorst

Arjan van Raadshooven (1981) and Anieke Branderhorst (1982) are the founders and curators of the Vij5 collection. Arjan studied ‘Architecture’ at the TU/e and Anieke studied at the ‘Man & Identity’ and ‘Man & Communication’ departments of the Design Academy Eindhoven. They started design label Vij5 directly after they graduated in 2006. Together they design the basis of the product collection and select products by external designers to complement the label.

Teamwork between Anieke and Arjan is possible and fruitful because of the great connection between them – both in private and in their working life. The qualities and skills of one complete those of the other. They are convinced that collaborating is important. This is why it became one of the basic principles of Vij5, visible in the growing amount of collaborations with other designers. With this they are looking for designs that suit their own signature.

One moment Arjan and Anieke are busy checking new prototypes of a product in a factory, the next moment they are producing in their own workshop in Eindhoven or presenting Vij5 at exhibitions in the Netherlands or abroad. “This variation is what makes our job fun. We participate in the complete design process and influence the progress. Our job is a combination between entrepreneurship and designing.”

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