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by Anieke Branderhorst

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The TwoTowel is a ‘new’ kitchen product inspired by two existing products, commonly used next to each other.

When hanging the TwoTowel in the middle; one side can be used as a towel to dry your hands, while the other side functions as a tea towel to do the dishes!

Particularly special about the TwoTowel is its production process where two different kinds of fabrics, normally produced on two different machines, are now intertwined in one towel. As a result; the colours and functions literally flow over in each other as a well-designed gradient in colour and pile-height.

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Additional information


Anieke Branderhorst


developped in cooperation with Jolijn Fiddelaers


mint-green, mustard-yellow, neutral


folded out appr. 90 x 47cm, when hanging appr. 80cm long

in collection

since 2014


checked & packed by Vij5, produced in Turkye


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