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Trestle Table (trestles only)

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The Trestle Table is an elegant, flexible table where the tabletop and the frame are disconnected from each other. The base of the table consists of lightweight aluminium trestles which are stackable and very stable due to careful design. The trestles carry the tabletop with a layer of cork in between providing sufficient grip.

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NOTE: This product is are the Trestles only as a separate item, or as a set of or 3. For when you like the trestles but have your own table-top!

You can order them by piece, but for tables of 250cm maximum, we advise 2 trestles, for larger tables 3 trestles are recommended. Please note that it is important where you place the trestles in order to get the stability of the table. We use a stable and strong 26mm plywood table-top with Forbo desktop.

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