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Le Belge System

by Reinhard Dienes

 489,00 1.799,00

This Oakwood shelf system is based on a basic construction principle: the elasticity of wood. The flexibility of Oak permits a simple way of securing the levels and legs together by applying pressure using butterfly-screws, strategically placed near specially designed slots were the legs are inserted.

The need for tools to setup or adjust Le Belge System is therefore non-existent. The Butterfly screws also allow to vary the height of the levels to any desired position. Le Belge System comes as a flat packed package.

The name ‘Le Belge’ came from the road-trip Reinhard was making to Belgium when he made up the concept of this system.

Delivery: Free delivery from 25 euro (within the Netherlands), Parts in stock, assembled on order & send out within 2-3 weeks

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set 4, set 8, set 12, set 16


brass, green, white, pink, black


assembly & finishing by Vij5, locally produced in the Netherlands

in collection

since 2011


Osmo hard-wax oil, solid brass butterfly screw, solid Oak (PEFC)


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