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Bubble Buddy

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Bubble Buddy by Foekje Fleur

Like the TwoTowel, this soap holder with a special grater has a double function and helps you switch from liquid soap in plastic bottles to packaging-free block soap.

In 2018, GoodtoGive and designer Foekje Fleur invented and created the Bubble Buddy. By replacing plastic soap bottles for bars of soap, the consumption of plastic is reduced. The Bubble Buddy consists of 98% recycled plastic soap bottles and buckets. The soap holder comes with a bar of organic, vegan and palm oil-free household soap, so you can get started right away. By grating a small amount of soap over a basin of warm water, you will have nice and fresh soapy water in an instant!

The cleaning soap is suitable for all surfaces, dishwashing and even the (hand) laundry, but it is also soft enough to wash your hands with. Bubble Buddy is produced in the Netherlands and part of the proceeds go to Sea Shepherd.

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