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Angled Cabinet

by Thier & van Daalen

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Studio Thier&VanDaalen is fascinated by wooden frames. A framework of posts and beams create a strong, clear and repetitive image. It gives a different point of view as seen from any angle. Triggered by the sketches and drawings of artists and architects such as le Corbusier, Rietveld and Joost Swarte, who use a unique isometric projection, the studio translated this in a new repeating pattern of beams and knots in wood.

By rotating the beams around their axes, a new intersection arose. They designed a joint, where all 3 beams share equal contact with each other, resulting in a strong connection.Observing this new structure in an isometric perspective, it is as if you look at an architectural skeleton.

The cabinet comes as a modular system and is available in different sizes by repeating posts and beams in different lengths, heights and widths. The glass and aluminium panels are interchangeable, making the layout of the cabinet flexible. The wooden wine rack is optional and is attached to the frame of the cabinet.

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Thier & van Daalen


frame, 3 rows of 3 levels, frame, 2 rows of 3 levels, frame, 1 row of 3 levels, 1x glass panel 1 row long, 1x glass panel 2 rows long, 1x glass panel 3 rows long, 1x aluminum panel in RAL9002 greywhite, 1x aluminum panel in RAL7036 platinumgrey, 1x wine integrated rack


height 85 cm & 35 cm deep, length 154,5 cm (3 rows) 104,5 cm (2 rows) or 54,5 cm (1 row)


aluminum, powder coating, solid Oak (PEFC)


assembly & finishing by Vij5, locally produced in the Netherlands

in collection

since 2017


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