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Production of the FlexVase

FlexVase production 6

The start of the Vij5 collection

The FlexVase is very special to us; not just because it’s our own design, but with this product we were able to start our business and put our label on the map! It was first presented at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven where the response was overwhelming.

Especially after winning a Dutch Design Award in 2009 for ‘best consumer product’ the FlexVase became one of our most popular items in the Vij5 collection.

FlexVase production 01

Production in Chaozhou

We always visit suppliers further away personally to still be able to keep them close to us, anywhere in the world. Therefore, we have travelled to our producer in China several times to guide the production of the FlexVase.

It took us a few years, some failures and some interesting travels; but finally we succeeded.

Although the idea of the vase is simple, it’s not an easy product to produce. It was difficult to find the right manufacturer who was able to match our quality criteria. In particular because the details of the product have to be very well done since all separate parts must fit exactly into each other. This is not an easy process in porcelain.

FlexVase production-33

Rich history in porcelain

The nice thing about producing in China is that Chinese people have a rich history in porcelain production and therefore a lot of knowledge, but it’s still all about craftsmanship and handwork. It’s wonderful to see!

Onsite in the factory we have discussed many details regarding the appropriate production techniques but also the finishing touch. The FlexVase is a special and complex product for China. Our personal contact with the producer helped a lot to advance the process.

Vij5 travels

Although the product has known its ups and downs, it took us to different places around the world. Guiding the production in China truly was a remarkable experience.

We enjoy travelling for Vij5 while being on a mission. It’s a nice mixture of discovering a new country, getting to know other cultures and starting business friendships. In this way we are not so much tourist, but really become part of a different culture for a little while.

During our travels we meet many locals who show us their living and working environments with pride, treat us with the best food and provide us with local tips. Next to that we love to explore countries by ourselves as well. This often results in some really nice images of which we would like to share a selection with you here.

FlexVase production-9
FlexVase production-8