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Production of the Fibonacci Fabrics Shawls


The story of the Fibonacci Fabrics is a special one with Jolijn Fiddelaers, as talented multi-tasker in the centre. She’s a great designer, connector, and product developer with a passion for fair and organically produced textiles. She regularly travels to India to work directly with local craftspeople with the aim of using traditional (handicraft) techniques in contemporary design for the Western European market to support Indian organisations in finding new markets.


In February 2010 Jolijn travelled to India for the first time to learn about the rich textile traditions of this country and to explore possibilities for cooperation. She met great people who made her feel at home on the other side of the world … What started as a great adventure is now a multicultural exchange between two partners who see opportunities to learn from each other and grow. The collection ‘Fibonacci Fabrics’ was the result of their first valuable cooperation.


In 2014 we came up with the idea to add these shawls and cushions the Vij5 collection because they naturally fit through their colour and design. The Fibonacci Fabrics show that sustainable design originates where tradition and innovation melt together and lift each other to the next level. For this collection Jolijn made a beautiful combination of Indian craftsmanship and Dutch design.

All products are:

– Made of the most refined quality ecological cotton
– Environmental-friendly dyed by hand
– Completely (!) hand-woven and hand-embroidered
– PROUDLY and fair trade produced in India

By implementing this beautiful textile to the Vij5 collection we like to support Jolijn as a person and her mission in India.


More information about the Fibonacci Fabrics products: