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Production of the Fibonacci Fabrics Cushions

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Responsibly made in India

The cushions in the Fibonacci Fabrics series are Fairtrade produced in India. They are specially designed for the Vij5 collection and made using traditional techniques in a modern design. The products are made of the most refined quality ecological cotton, environmental-friendly dyed by hand and completely (!) hand-woven and hand-embroidered in India.

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Jolijn in India

For this collection, textile designer Jolijn Fiddelaers made a beautiful combination of Indian craftsmanship and Dutch design. She regularly travels to India to analyse craftsmanship and guide productions. It’s her mission to “cherish tradition and embrace innovation”. She takes her time to understand the essence of the crafts and create new forms from there. By doing so she brings a new perspective within existing frames and can truly contribute to the beautiful skills of the Indian craftspeople.

Of course, Jolijn travelled to India to supervise the entire production of this collection and updated us via WhatsApp about her progress and experiences. Marloes van Doorn travelled with her and made beautiful pictures along the way!

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Hand embroidery

We personally were intrigued by the beautiful hand-embroidery Jolijn used for a former collection she made in 2010 and asked her in 2015 to design a series of cushions based on this specific technique. She made a collection of three cushions in which areas of colour, patterns and embroidery meet and overlap. All cushions can function as an individual, yet are part of a bigger whole.


By implementing the beautiful shawls and cushions to the Vij5 collection we like to support Jolijn as a person and her mission in India.


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