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Dutch Design Week PRESS CENTRE

During the Dutch Design Week 2017 we were asked to decorate the official Dutch Design Week Press Centre.

We created a welcome desk with Dashed Lights above and fresh flowers in the FlexVase, various workplaces for press visitors using the ‘s-Table and Lloop XL, a lounge area for press visitors using the Copper Lights, Tabloid Tables and Fibonacci Fabrics, a ‘typewriting factory’ using various desks, ‘s-Chairs and Long Shade and Le Belge Cabinet was the perfect assembly point for leaflets and catalogues.

Next to that, we made a pop-up exhibition of the Vij5 collection in the center of the space.

Client Dutch Design Foundation

Location Dutch Design Week Press Centre

Year Dutch Design Week 2017

With special thanks to: Maarten Baptist, Floris Hovers, Lotte Douwes, Muurbloem and De Klerk.

images by Vij5