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Dutch Design Week 2017 – Vij5 launches 10 new products

New collaborations, remarkable materials and surprising functionality.

From the end of August 2017, Vij5 launched 10 new products in 10 weeks. The Vij5 collection was expanded with a variety of products ranging from candle holders to cabinets and from lamps to tableware. For the new collection Vij5 worked together with designers Floris Hovers, Raw Color, Lotte de Raadt, Thier & van Daalen, Ontwerpduo, Antje Pesel, Hanne Willmann, Puck Dieben and Ido Garini. The products were launched online every week and simultaneously shown at the Maison & Objet in Parijs, London Design FairVT Wonen & Design fair and Dutch Design Week Eindhoven. During the Dutch Design Week all new products were shown in the renewed showroom of Vij5 at the Hallenweg in Eindhoven.

A recurring theme within the Vij5 collection is the surprising functionality of its products. This is also clearly visible in the new collection. Think of a cabinet that you can ‘dress’, a candle holder that creates a composition on your table, a lamp with a remarkable way of hanging using a magnet and a clock that shows time in a graphical way.

Many of the new products are made with remarkable materials and/or are the result of material experiments. Special types of stone, a newly developed glaze and the embossing of wood are examples of this.

The 10 new products were:

Dressed Cabinet, by Puck Dieben

Archiving Water Ware, by Lotte de Raadt

Fixum, by Floris Hovers

Lloop XL, by Ontwerpduo

Angled Cabinet, by Studio Thier & van Daalen

Prägen Boards, by Hanne Willmann

Tap Water Carafe, by Lotte de Raadt

Soapstone Geometry, by Studio Appétit

Align, by Antje Pesel

Graphic Time, by Raw Color