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10 Years of Vij5 (Dutch Design Week 2016)

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10 Years of Vij5

A retrospective of the current collection, including the newest additions.

With this special exhibition we officially celebrated our 10th anniversary  in 2016. We created a special timeline, showing all the processes and stories behind the products and our label.

Why did a product become part of the collection? What happened during the process from idea to end product? How is a product made? Who is the designer? What makes this product special?

Next to that we created an inspiring environment in our showroom with the newest additions to the collection.

The exhibition was curated based on the current collection, including a number of new products such as the Epaulette frames by Ida Noemi & Caroline Olsson, the Copper Hooks by Max Lipsey and the Sandpaper Tray by Baas & Kleinbloesem. Also some products had new additions or had been further developed.

The exhibition was situated in our own studio at the Hallenweg, within walking distance of the city centre.

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