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Vij5 Lighthouse (Dutch Design Week 2015)

Vij5 DDW2015 8672

Vij5 Lighthouse

In 2015, the theme of the Vij5 showroom (a little glass house in the middle of the workshop) was ‘Vij5 Lighthouse’ focussing on the successful lightning objects of the Vij5 collection. For this exhibition, our studio was completely darkened and the full Vij5 collection was beautifully illuminated with a programmed changing light schedule. We even had a real ‘lighthouse’ in front of our building to attract the audience! And last but not least we presented the new lamp ‘Long Shade’ by Daphna Laurens as the latest addition to the Vij5 collection..

Vij5 DDW2015 8779
Vij5 DDW2015 8792
Vij5 DDW2015 8877