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Ton sur Ton (Dutch Design Week 2014)

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Ton sur Ton

Vij5 presented a selection of their 2014 ‘Ton sur Ton’ Milan exhibition at the Vij5 workshop during Dutch Design Week 2014, showing all new additions to the Vij5 collection presented in a Ton sur Ton colour theme. The Vij5 showroom (a little glass house in the middle of the workshop) was transformed into a ‘greenhouse’, filled with plants and green colours. Products like the Tricola candle holders, Coatrack by the meter and Strap furniture were shown as a prototype the year before, but were now fully developed and put into production. New in the Vij5 collection were the Copper Lights, TwoTowel and Fibonacci Fabrics.

Next to that a new colour pallet for NewspaperWood was presented, based on coloured newspapers from all over the world. This material experiment showed that all over the world residual material is available in various colours, transferring its own unique identity onto the NewspaperWood material. The results of the coloured NewspaperWood project were implemented in the Vij5 NewspaperWood items such as the Tabloid Tables, (new versions of) the Framed cabinet and a silver version of the Sample Series jewellery.

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