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‘Black Editions’

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Linseed oil

In 2016 we came across a beautiful linseed oil from Denmark, which can be combined with natural pigments.

In this way, you can colour solid wooden products in a really nice and natural way. We did some tests on different products in our collection and were initially very happy with the results in black. That’s why we decided to launch some black editions of different products of the Vij5 collection.

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Ancient craftmanship

When we went to Denmark to present the Vij5 collection at the Northmodern fair in Copenhagen, we visited the factory producing this beautiful product.

The factory produces linseed oil paint according to an ancient tradition of craftsmanship. In Denmark linseed oil paint was used by wealthy people from about 1860 until the war in 1940. Since then, this picturesque treating has been forgotten because after the war new materials were introduced.

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Natural benefits

In the factory we met Thor, the passionate owner of the factory who also likes to raise awareness of the many benefits this natural product has to offer.

Linseed oil paint consist of coloured pigments mixed with linseed oil only, which makes it a very pure material. The linseed oil paste is extracted by a roller so that the colour eventually penetrates and treats the wood. The results are stunning, and retain extremely well!

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Product range

The black linseed oil has been applied on most of our solid FSC Oakwood products; the LookShelf, Le Belge System, the Strap Stools with various colours straps and the Epaulette picture frames.

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