Wooden Light

David Derksen together with Vij5

“We were intrigued by the Copper & Wooden Light series ever since we presented next to David at the (almost legendary) Autofficina exhibition in 2010 in Milan. Here, David presented his Copper Lights for the first time. As a true perfectionist David developed the lamps together with a model maker until he was completely satisfied. The model maker, based in Eindhoven, still produces the lamps by hand with full dedication. That is why the lamps can be considered true art pieces. We are very proud that these amazing pendants made their entrance in the Vij5 collection in 2014.”

– Arjan & Anieke


Simply by folding, a thin sheet can be used to construct stable forms. This principle defines the shape and aesthetics of this pendant lamp.

The Wooden Light is made from beech wood veneer and a film backing. The wood veneer is cut and engraved by laser.

The film backing functions as a hinge, making it possible to fold the veneer whereas it would normally break. The Wooden Light is assembled by hand in The Netherlands and has a white interior which creates ‘neutral’ light.


design by David Derksen

in collection since 2014

development Breemer PRODUCT House

dimensions wood version available in 1 size, copper & brass in 3 sizes;

  • WL25 Ø290 × 255 mm, with 25 facets

material beech veneer 0,6 mm, vinyl film 0,1mm

variations also available in Copper Light or Brass Light


We recommend to clean the Wooden Light only carefully with a dry cloth. Do not use a wet cloth, water or cleaning solutions since this will damage the wood veneer.

Little stains and unevenness on the wood veneer can carefully be removed with sandpaper grain 180. We advise you to do this with care. Please keep in mind the lampshade is made of very thin material. Every time you use the sandpaper, a thin layer of the material will disappear! We therefore advice you not to use the sandpaper too often.

The color of the wood might slowly change over time under the influence of sunlight. Please keep in mind that every time you use the sandpaper, a thin layer of the material will disappear and the original colour of the wood will be visible on that spot.


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