Solid Hooks

Max Lipsey together with Vij5

“Max’s biggest design goal is to challenge what we make industrially, to be more spontaneous and vital. His work follows his own fascinations with crafts and production techniques. These simple Solid Hooks are a good example of this. Starting with an industrially produced copper tube, he intervenes by shaping them into beautiful functional objects using manual forcing and welding techniques.”

– Arjan & Anieke


These wall hooks are made of solid copper, brass or steel. They are practical and decorative at the same time: everything you hang on them immediately gets a stylish look! For example, give your favourite items from your wardrobe some extra attention in your bedroom or create a nice spot in the bathroom for your bathrobe. In the kitchen you’ll create a refined detail by hanging your tea towel, towel or TwoTowel on the smallest hook. And of course the Solid Hooks also make for a super stylish hall: for example, combine different sizes for a playful effect!

The coat hooks are easy to attach to the wall by means of the supplied screw. In addition, the hooks can also be used as handles on, for example, (kitchen) cabinets. You can easily attach the knob with a screw through the back of the cabinet door.

In 2018, we introduced a tempered steel version next to the already existing copper and brass versions of the Solid Hooks. Tempering steel is used to increase the elasticity and plasticity of the material. As steel is heated past 200 °C, it goes through a wild transformation of colours. The Solid Hooks have been very unscientifically tempered: not to improve elasticity of the steel, but to make pretty colours!


Design by Max Lipsey

In collection since 2016

Material  solid copper, brass or steel

Production CNC turned in the Netherlands Polished or tempered in the designers’ workshop in Eindhoven

Dimensions 80 grams Ø 2,2cm – 5,2cm high 240 grams Ø 2,9cm – 7,2cm high 210 grams Ø 3,9cm – 2,9cm high

Solid Hooks in Copper
Solid Hooks in Brass
Solid Hooks in Tempered Steel


Vij5 designer MaxLipsey