Soapstone Geometry cheese platter

Studio Appétit together with Vij5


Investigating the juxtaposition of form and material, both edible and not. The Soapstone Geometry Cheese Platter is inspired both visually and philosophically by the Bauhaus movement. The object is based on two simple geometric forms: a cheese platter made of a perfect slice of round carved soapstone and a triangle shaped stainless steel cheese knife. When the knife is inserted in a piece of cheese as part of the serving ritual, a new and exciting composition is created with the food becoming part of the overall shape. The main material used is an exquisite Soapstone, 2.8 billion years old, sourced from the raw nature of Eastern Finland. This stone, naturally strong and non-porous, is also an excellent thermal observant: the stone can be stored with the cheese in the fridge and will maintain a low temperature after service, extending the cheese’s endurance in room temperature.


design by Studio Appétit in collection since 2017 material soapstone from Finland, stainless steel knife maintenance the stone is dishwasher safe dimensions cheese platter diameter 20cm, thickness 7mm


The stone and the knife are both dishwasher safe. In order to complement the culinary function of the plateau, we recommend treating the stone with, for example, a nut oil. However, after frequent use and rinsing of the platter, the oil will disappear and the object can be oiled again with any desired oil.
The stone can be slightly tilted for easy pickup from the table!


Dutch Design Week 2017

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