Prägen Boards

Hanne Willmann together with Vij5

“We met Hanne in Berlin some time ago, where she showed us a sample of her Prägen project. Having a soft spot for interesting new materials, we immediately fell in love with the technique and brought the sample home to our studio in Eindhoven. Recently we invited Hanne to our studio to do a workshop around the project and that is how we came up with the Prägen Boards as a first product with this new technique. Of course the possibilities are endless, so we are already looking forward to continuing the project together with her!”

– Arjan & Anieke


During her graduation Hanne Willmann developed a technique to imprint wood. After numerous studies she found a method to press permanent structures and reliefs into wood surfaces.

Together with Vij5, Hanne designed a set of two Pear wood boards for cutting and serving, which are unique because of the imprinted relief pattern. Through this technique, the surface of the Pear wood gets a third dimension – both visual and haptic.

The boards serve as useful everyday companions and additionally embellish your kitchen. The relief side is for serving, the flat side for cutting. The circle-shaped handles are perfect to carry them around or to hang them on the wall, making a nice arrangement through a geometrical pattern.


design by Hanne Willmann

in collection since 2017 

dimensions large 16 x 68 cm & small 18 x 30cm 

materials solid Pearwood with ‘Prägen’ embossing technique and food-safe treatment, metal powder-coated rings in black