Daphna Laurens together with Vij5

“We are huge fans of the work by Daphna Laurens; the way they truly give shape to objects through their unique design process. In their opinion it is a pity not to display the interior of the beautiful books you might have. This simple idea led to the design of the LookShelf. Modest and totally dedicated to showing off items on the wall.

It can also assist you in the kitchen. While preparing dinner the LookShelf will hold up your cookbook or tablet, giving place to your favourite recipes.

In contrast with their more exclusive design pieces and objects, these shelves appeal to a broader public and are therefore a perfect addition to the Vij5 story.”

– Arjan & Anieke

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LookShelf is a solid wood bookshelf on which you can present your favourite books. Designed to be modest and totally dedicated to showing off items on the wall.

Present your most precious art book, the reading book you just cannot put aside or the favourite story-telling book in the child-bedroom. Create an impressive ‘library’ wall in every living room, a bookshelf next to your bed, a magazine wall in a coffee bar or a display at the bookshop.

It can also assist you in the kitchen, where you might even call it your CookShelf. While preparing dinner LookShelf will hold up your cookbook or iPad for that matter, giving place to your favourite recipes.

Next to that it can obviously be used for displaying other items such as a picture frame, your dearest record sleeve or even an iPad.


design by Daphna Laurens

in collection since 2013

LookShelf 23 (6,5 x 11 x 23cm)
LookShelf 50 (6,5 x 11 x 50cm)

material solid PEFC certified Oakwood
treated with Osmo hard-wax oil or black coloured linseed oil

production by our local woodworker in the Netherlands
Finished, checked & packed in the Vij5 workshop in Eindhoven

assembly Simply mounted to the wall using two screws (4×50, max. 8 mm screw head) with universal wall plugs


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