Lloop Brass

Ontwerpduo together with Vij5

“The nice thing about the Lloop lamp is that it is not only adjustable to the height of your ceiling, but also fits the style of almost any interior. We really like to work with Nathan & Tineke as we share a similar passion for being both a designer and entrepreneur."

- Arjan & Anieke


The Lloop lamp is adjustable in height by extending or shortening the loop of the electricity cable which comes as the result of a wooden piece attached to the cable. With this the function becomes the decoration, simple and clear with no hidden techniques.

The Lloop lamp is available in a variety of colour combinations for the lamp-shade and cable and can be ordered with a polished copper, polished brass or white interior.

The included wooden piece is meant to create a loop in the cable. By carefully moving the wooden piece over the electricity cable you are able to resize the loop in the cable itself. This is how you are able to define the height of the lamp: a big loop makes a high lamp, a small loop makes a low lamp.


design by Ontwerpduo
(Nathan Wierink & Tineke Beunders)

in collection since 2009

dimensions Ø 281 mm, height 183 mm

materials copper or brass lampshade, including wooden piece to create a loop and 6 meters of textile electricity cable included.

colour cable as illustrated, matching the outside colour of the lamp. Standard cable length 6 meter.

light source included all Lloop lamps will be delivered including E27 LED light source: Philips dimmable LED bulb E27 8W (which replaces 60W)

inside available in Copper, Brass or White


We recommend to touch the lampshade as less as possible with your hands to prevent stains on the brass. Possibly wear soft hand gloves while hanging the lamp. If there are stains on the brass despite all this, please remove them carefully with HG copper shine polish.


Vij5 at OBJECT Rotterdam 2020

OBJECT Rotterdam is hét platform voor de nieuwste limited editions en one-offs van bekende en opkomende ontwerpers en bevindt zich op de grens tussen design, ambacht, mode, architectuur en kunst. Read More