Graphic Time ‘Dot’

Raw Color together with Vij5

“With Vij5 we strive to fuse different mindsets into something new to offer innovative, refreshing products. Graphic Time is a beautiful example of this. We have always been impressed by the work of Raw Color but including them in the Vij5 collection has been difficult since their work is mainly based on graphic design and less about product design. By designing a clock, they created the perfect match: interesting cross-pollinations take place between time and composition, between graphic and product design!”

– Arjan & Anieke


Graphic Time is a series of abstract clocks designed by Raw Color at the occasion of their solo exhibition ‘Blend’ at The Aram Gallery in London. Together with Vij5, one of the models (the Graphic Time ‘dot’) has been further developed and taken into production. The kinetic object is a graphic interpretation of a functional clock. The 3 coloured half-circles represent hours, minutes and seconds. The moving discs, perforated to reduce weight, are continuously creating different appearances by the passing of time. The object is a combination of movement and ever-changing compositions that displays time in a subtle manner.


design by Raw Color

in collection since 2017 

dimensions diameters of the circles 16cm (hours), 15cm (minutes) & 14cm (seconds) 


  • nude/lagoon/pine
  • slate/sky/aubergine