Breg Hanssen together with Vij5

“Together with the Sample Series, the Framed cabinet represents the introduction of the unique NewspaperWood material in the Vij5 collection. The cabinet is literally designed around the material and is a true tribute to NewspaperWood.

We met Breg because he was one of the first designers we selected to work with the material. And we’re happy we did because we really liked his pragmatic approach to the material, without ignoring its poetic qualities.”

– Arjan & Anieke


‘Framed’ is a series of distinctive cupboards, specially designed around the material NewspaperWood, characterized by a sound and finely detailed construction. The cabinets are build out of a solid steel frame which can be delivered in different variations and colours. Breg Hanssen, the designer of the Framed cabinet, was fascinated especially by the indeterminable but distinct colour of the NewspaperWood material. To emphasize this quality he decided to incorporate NewspaperWood into a piece of furniture by combining it with contrasting colours. With this he literally ‘frames’ the material in coated steel.

NewspaperWood is a contemporary material that complies with the Circular Economy: an existing production process is reversed by creating wood out of paper. Waste materials from the paper industry are turned into a high-quality material that bears resemblance to real wood. Countless layers of left-over and misprinted papers, pressed and cut into a veneer, provide the material with a wood-like grain and growth rings. The specific character of NewspaperWood is determined by the visible traces of printed texts, photos, ads and graphic elements of the original paper. The material was originally conceived by Dutch designer Mieke Meijer.

This product is made with the original NewspaperWood material. More information on this material can be found here:


design by Breg Hanssen

in collection since 2011

material steel frame, NewspaperWood panels
(veneered NewspaperWood on a carrier of grey board, 100% recycled paper)


  • 1 door (displayed in RAL 9002 grey white)
    with 12 NewspaperWood panels
    dimensions 42x42x60cm
  • 2 doors horizontal (displayed in RAL 9002 grey white, RAL4009 pastel violet and RAL 1000 green beige)
    with 18 NewspaperWood panels
    dimensions 84x62x42cm
  • 2 doors vertical (displayed in RAL 6021 pale green)
    with 21 NewspaperWood panels
    dimensions 42x42x102cm
  • 3 doors horizontal (displayed in RAL 9002 grey white and RAL 7036 platina grey)
    with 24 NewspaperWood panels
    dimensions 126x42x60cm
  • 3 doors vertical (displayed in RAL 9002 grey white)
    with 30 NewspaperWood panels
    dimensions 42x42x144cm
  • 2 x 2 doors (displayed in light blue RAL 5012 and RAL 3022 salmon red)
    with 30 NewspaperWood panels
    dimensions 84x104x42cm

colour standard produced in RAL 9002 grey white, other colours on request.


Vij5 designer BregHanssen