Copper Lights

David Derksen together with Vij5

We were intrigued by the Copper & Wooden Light series ever since we presented next to David at the (almost legendary) Autofficina exhibition in 2010 in Milan. Here, David presented his Copper Lights for the first time. As a true perfectionist, David developed the lamps together with a model maker until he was completely satisfied. The model maker, based in Eindhoven, still produces the lamps by hand with full dedication. That is why the lamps can be considered true art pieces. We are very proud that these amazing pendants made their entrance in the Vij5 collection in 2014.

– Arjan & Anieke


Simply by folding, a thin copper sheet can be used to construct stable forms. This principle defines the shape and aesthetics of the Copper Lights. For precise bending, the lines have been etched halfway into the material. The sheets are then folded and assembled by hand in The Netherlands.

By reflecting its surroundings, each facet gets a different tone, from dark brown to red to orange. The material gives a warm colour to the light that shines from these delicate lamps. The three variations of the Copper Lights make them suitable for many different interior applications.


design by David Derksen

in collection since 2014

development & production Breemer PRODUCT House

dimensions available in 3 models:

  • CL16 √ė185 √ó 435 mm, met 16 facetten
  • CL25 √ė290 √ó 255 mm, met 25 facetten
  • CL30 √ė410 √ó 155 mm, met 30 facetten

materiaaal copper sheet 0,3mm dik, 3 meter black rubber cable

light source including E27 LED bulb

variations also avalable as Brass Light or Wooden Light!


The Brass Light BL28 LED complies with the provisions of the guidelines LVD (2006/95/EG) (Low tension guideline) and complies with standards NEN-EN-ISO 12100: 2010 and NEN 1010: 2007.


By nature, brass oxidises easily. Therefore the material will get darker over time and fingerprints can result in oxidation stains.

We recommend to touch the lampshade as less as possible with your hands to prevent stains on the brass. Wear enclosed hand gloves while cleaning and hanging the lamp.

We recommend to clean the Brass Lights with a HG copper/brass shine cloth ( The cloth can either be used slightly wet for removing intense stains, or dry for light stains. If there remain stains on the copper despite all this, please remove them carefully with HG copper shine polish ( This is also suitable for brass.

Reminder: Always switch off the electricity supply before cleaning!


Vij5 designer DavidDerksen