Brass Light BL28 LED

David Derksen samen met Vij5

“We think it is important to regularly analyse and evaluate products in our collection. To make sure we stay up-to-date in design but also in current regulations and requirements.

Therefore we are happy to introduce a new addition to the Copper & Brass Lights series, designed by David Derksen. Directly related to his original Copper Lights.. this new light is ready for the next decade!”

– Arjan & Anieke


The BL28 LED light is a new, updated version of the famous Brass Lights by David Derksen. The shape of the lamp is constructed by simply folding a 0,3mm thin brass sheet. For precise bending, lines have been etched halfway into the material. The lamps are assembled by hand in The Netherlands.

Where the original series of the Brass Lights use the more traditional E27 light sources, David created this new version of the lamp to match the current demands in lighting design. The lamp therefore includes LED light and a diffuser creating a better and more bright light output, independent of the colour of the lampshade. The LED-driver is integrated in the lamp body. Also the shape of the lamp has been simplified and modernised, without losing the aesthetics and delicacy of the original Brass Lights. By reflecting its surroundings, each facet gets a different tone, from dark gold to yellow to beige.


design by David Derksen

in collection since 2019

developped & locally produced by  Breemer PRODUCT House

dimensions 45cm, height appr. 13cm

material brass sheet 0,3mm thick, 3 meters of black rubber cable, LED light source integrated

light colour warm white 2700K, CRI value 80

energy label A++ (10 watt, 950 lumens, lasts up to 30.000 hours)

BL28 LED by David Derksen


By nature, brass oxidises easily. Therefore the material will get darker over time and fingerprints can result in oxidation stains.

We recommend to touch the lampshade as less as possible with your hands to prevent stains on the brass. Wear enclosed hand gloves while cleaning and hanging the lamp.

We recommend to clean the Brass Lights with a HG copper/brass shine cloth ( The cloth can either be used slightly wet for removing intense stains, or dry for light stains. If there remain stains on the copper despite all this, please remove them carefully with HG copper shine polish ( This is also suitable for brass.

BL28 LED by David Derksen & Glint Light by Susanne de Graef


Vij5 designer DavidDerksen