Did you know that the quality of our (work) environment often determines the quality of our performance? With the products of Vij5 you create both an attractive and a functional workplace, whether at home or in a professional office environment.

The Vij5 collection contains design lighting, furniture and accessories that give the total interior of a working environment that little bit extra. Many products can also be used in different ways. The Trestle Table by David Derksen, for example, is beautiful and practical as a desk, but can also serve well as a conference table or in a canteen. A flower vase brightens up your workplace, but also the entrance of your company. And so on.

Do you have specific wishes? Most items can be custom-made to size and colour. Feel free to contact us and we will see what is possible together!

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DL 16 brass
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Long-Shade-LED800-RAL7003-mossgrey- A
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LeBelge 16a
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LookShelf shop23
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Brass Light
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Brass Light
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