The living room is the central space of your interior and reflects your personality. This is often the largest room in your house where you spend the most time, with or without family and friends. With our design furniture, lighting and accessories you give identity to your interior. They are practical, flexible and have remarkable details. The different products are also easy to combine with each other. They are often locally and tailor-made. As a result, you are flexible in choosing color and size and you also have a bit of influence on the design. Be creative and choose how you want to use a product. A table can serve as a dining table, but also as a desk, for example. A carafe can also be used as a flower vase. A stool becomes a side table and a cup can also serve as a small flower pot. Do you have specific wishes? Feel free to contact us and we will see what is possible together!

Fixum – grey-white base & platinum-grey slide (NEW)
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Plain Board
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Long-Shade-LED800-RAL7003-mossgrey- A
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LeBelge 16a
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LookShelf shop23
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Brass Light
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