The influence of our environment on well-being and energy is often underestimated. Make your bedroom a place where you can really relax. For example, by adding the warm light from a copper Lloop lamp by Ontwerpduo or the atmospheric Glint Light by Susanne de Graef. Do you have a bit more space and would you like to add a stylish element? Then take a look at the Angled Cabinet by Studio Thier & van Daalen or the Dressed Cabinet by Puck Dieben. But even if you have limited space, you can add some beautiful elements to the wall, such as the Moonrise Mirror by Danish designer Michael Funch or the Solid Hooks by Max Lipsey.

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DL 16 brass
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Dressed Cabinet
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Glint Light
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LeBelge 16a
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LookShelf shop23
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Brass Light
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Brass Light
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