Here you will find inspiration for the application of design in specific areas of your home, such as the living room, bathroom or bedroom.

Many of our products can be used in your interior in various ways. For example, a stool can serve as an extra seat at the dining table, as a side table at the sofa or as a bedside table next to your bed. A coat rack does not necessarily have to be in the hallway, but can also be very functional in a bathroom or bedroom. And don’t forget your workplace!

Fixum – grey-white base & platinum-grey slide (NEW)
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Plain Board
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Tilt Bar Stool
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Trestle Table
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DL 16 brass
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Long-Shade-LED800-RAL7003-mossgrey- A
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Dressed Cabinet
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Glint Light
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LeBelge 16a
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LookShelf shop23
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Prägen Board
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s-Table (showmodel)
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Brass Light
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Brass Light
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