Vij5 at Festival DesignKwartier 2018

A visual report of the Vij5 presentation during Festival Designkwartier 2018 in the Vij5 Pilotstore by Edwin Pelser in The Hague (NL).

About Design Kwartier

Festival Designkwartier mixes presentations, shops, activities, and exhibitions in the design field into an inspiring event. For three days, the Zeeheldenkwartier is the domain of leading designers and new talent with exciting projects. You will find special design for everyday use as well as inventive and witty objects to think about. During the festival, the designers are present to illustrate their work. This way, the visitor is challenged to view obvious matters in a different way.


This year we took a closer look at a number of products from the current collection and made them ‘extraordinary’. Since for us, details are such an important part of a design, we thought it would be nice to bring these products in the spotlight! The difference is in small things; such as a new colour, function or material in addition to what was already there. With the ‘extraordinary’ products, we would like to emphasize even some small adaptations to show that the Vij5 collection is always in development.

Especially for the occasion, our Pilotstore has undergone a major metamorphosis in which all 'extraordinary' products and the original versions of the products were presented side by side in an inspiring way.

The green colour areas on the wall helped to distinguish the regular ('ordinary') collection from the new versions and special editions ('extraordinary'). The 'extraordinary' products were highlighted on the green surfaces, the 'ordinary' products could be found just outside the green areas.

Special Editions for Edwin Pelser!

As an extra we also launched three 'special editions' of existing Vij5 products during Designkwartier, which will be exclusively available in the Vij5 Pilotstore by Edwin Pelser. The special editions were presented on the three plinths in the middle of the room.