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Every Vij5 GIFTSET comes in a nicely wrapped box, perfect for under the Christmass tree 🙂

If you have an enquiry about multiple sets for your company or need more presents, please contact us for the possibilities.

Giftset A: Buy 1x Tap Water Carafe Dune water (medium size) and get 2x glasses for free!

Giftset B: Buy 1x TwoTowel green-beige and get 1x ecologic washing detergent & dish brush for free!

Giftset C: Buy 1x Archiving Water Ware carafe and get 1x Archiving Water Ware cup for free!

Giftset D: Buy 1x Epaulette A3 frame in Oak (copper or brass corners) and get 1x A5 frame for free!

Giftset E: Buy 4x Pigments & Porcelain cup 120ml in mintgreen and get 1x plate (21,5cm) for free!

Giftset F: Buy 2x Solid Hooks Tempered steel of 210 & 240 grams and get 1x of 80 grams for free!

Giftset G: Buy 1x Fibonacci Fabrics shawl and get 1x Coatrack by the Meter 20cm in white for free!

Giftset H: Buy 4x Pigments & Porcelain cups 300ml in mintgreen and get 2x cups for free!


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