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Pigments & Porcelain sample sale set of 4

 340,00  170,00

Pigments & Porcelain is a research about the flowing of colours through liquid porcelain, resulting in a series of handmade and unique objects.
By using various porcelain colours together in the traditional pouring process, the moment of creation is captured in the final product. The pattern might be colourful or subtle, very smooth or strongly present; it always reveals the blending of the coloured porcelain and the movements that has been made.

NOTE: Every plate has a unique pattern based on the same colour basis, this makes every piece unique!

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This is a set of 4 pcs of 28,5cm plates in black, b-choice quality. A sample series of our beautiful Pigments & Porcelain plates where the quality is not optimal. There can be little flaws in the glazing such as air-bubbles or irregularities.