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"The Vij5 product collection is produced in relatively small series by producers who are close to us. The main part of the production therefore takes place in our region, but also partly abroad when we cannot find a suitable partner within reach.

The quality and skills of a producer are most important to us. We, or the designer, always visit suppliers further away personally, so we are still able to keep them close to us."

- Arjan & Anieke


NewspaperWood is the result of a study project of Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Mieke Meijer. After partnering with Vij5 and the presentation of the material at its infancy in 2011, the material underwent a long development... Read More

Choose Colour (Dutch Design Week 2018)

Location Vij5 Showroom, Eindhoven Year 2018 Images by Vij5 This year, Vij5 explored the boundaries of crowdfunding by inviting the community to influence one of the most essential choices in a design process; choosing colour. The experiment was centred... Read More