Solid Hooks

Max Lipsey together with Vij5

"Max’s biggest design goal is to challenge what we make industrially, to be more spontaneous and vital. His work follows his own fascinations with crafts and production techniques.

These simple Copper Hooks are a good example of this. Starting with an industrially produced copper tube, he intervenes by shaping them into beautiful functional objects using manual forcing and welding techniques. These hooks bring the beauty of copper out from behind the walls!"

- Arjan & Anieke


For these Solid Hooks, Max Lipsey started to work in his own workshop purely on intuition, by manually forcing and reshaping an industrially produced copper plumbing tube.

The results reminded him of the classic and functional Shakers wooden pegs. This link to past forms and manual work he then translated into larger scale production techniques with an eye on future possibilities of computer controlled processes.

These hooks combine the beauty of material and simple forms with digital techniques.


Design by Max Lipsey

In collection since 2016

Material  solid copper or brass

Production CNC turned in the Netherlands
Polished in the designers' workshop in Eindhoven


Solid Hook Brass:
80 grams Ø 2,2cm - 5,2cm high
240 grams Ø 2,9cm - 7,2cm high
210 grams Ø 3,9cm - 2,9cm high

Solid Hook Copper:
80 grams Ø 2,2cm - 5,2cm high
240 grams Ø 2,9cm - 7,2cm high
210 grams Ø 3,9cm - 2,9cm high




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Solid Hooks
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